Tick Tock….Technology

The time has come when we are all relying on technology to help us get fit, stay healthy or perhaps manage our health condition.

Detecting changes or abnormalities in heart rhythm via your Smartphone, using a clip to give you feedback about posture, steps and calories and being able to transmit your own vital statistics over to a health professional from your sofa is quite extraordinary.

There is a whole world of apps and devises out there!

One to mention in particular is Squeezy that has been designed by NHS physiotherapists specialising in Women’s Health.  It is for all women who want to do pelvic floor muscle exercises but is particularly aimed at women who are seeing a specialist physiotherapist for problems connected to their bladder, bowels or pelvic floor muscles.

Of course there is a price to pay for these but if you haven’t already done so you may want to venture out there and perhaps try one of the free apps available.

Whilst it is not the intention to recommend any of these mobile apps or programs, (you should always read the terms and conditions and it would be up to you to research before using them), they are here to give you an idea on what is available should you feel like you are back in the dark ages and want to start using technology to improve your life.

Here are a few ideas of free mobile apps that can be downloaded from Google play.

  • Change4Life app – encouraging children to get active.
  • Pedometer – as suggested in its name, itrecords the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, walking time and speed per hour.
  • Daily yoga – fitness on the go. There are over 50 videos and over 400 yoga poses.
  • Map my ride – a GPS tracker that updates you on time, distance and average speed.
  • Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Here at TOPS we assess and treat a large number of office workers, students and academics.  It’s good to see free mobile apps aimed at office workers such as:

  • Stretching and eye exercises app – 15 exercises which takes around 3-4 minutes

Also, for the more office based person, there are free desk-top programs to remind you to take a break:

  • Workrave – aimed in particular at preventing repetitive strain injury. http://www.workrave.org/
  • Regular breaks – a free online tool to help remind you to take breaks and it tracks your progress. https://regularbreaks.com/

If you are interested then a good place to start may be the NHS choices health apps library.  http://apps.nhs.uk/ or at Googleplay where you can search for what you are looking for e.g. free health and fitness apps.


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