All classes are held at TOPS Summertown venue. TOPS offers the flexibility to attend either a one off/pay as you go class or the opportunity to book a block of 6 or 12 classes. The beginner matwork and reformer classes run as 6-week courses and we highly encourage regular attendance to gain the most benefit. A full class schedule can be downloaded here – full class schedule

For classes that follow terms, the 2017 dates are:

9th January – 11th February (5 weeks)
20th February – 8th April (7 weeks)
24th April – 27th May (5 weeks)
5th June – 22nd July (7 weeks)
31st July – 26th August (4 weeks)
4th September – 21st October (7 weeks)
30th October – 23rd December (8 weeks)

From 1st January the classes will no longer run to terms. The beginner matwork and reformer classes will follow 6 weekly courses.

TOPS Physiotherapy, Yoga & Pilates