Tick Tock….Technology

The time has come when we are all relying on technology to help us get fit, stay healthy or perhaps manage our health condition. Detecting changes or abnormalities in heart rhythm via your Smartphone, using

Plantar Fasciitis

  What is Plantar Faciitis? Plantar faciitis (PF) is the most common cause of heel pain and the third most common running injury according to a recent article in Clinical Biomechanics. Your plantar fascia acts

Are you sitting properly?

Throughout history humans spend most of their time moving about, but now more and more we find ourselves sitting. How many hours do you spend a week sitting? Most of us sit for work, we

Foam rolling

At a recent team meeting today we spent time discussing foam rolling and its role in injury prevention and rehabilitation. As a team we are very pro foam rolling and have seen some very positive

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